Battle Creek 

Doctor John H. Kellogg

Loma Linda

Pastor William Loveless

Seventh-day Adventist Church, Mysticism Revives.

History Repeats Itself

Ellen White warned of the subtle mysticism of the "Alpha of Deadly Heresies", but then she cautioned that the following "Omega" would be of a "most startling nature"!
He compares her to St. John of the Cross, Roman Catholic mystic of the the 16th. century, Jesuit mystic  William Johnston, and Episcopalian mystic, Morton Kelsey, who teaches that Jesus worked miracles through the same power used by shamans and witch doctors and that we should communicate with the dead!

Loveless' recommended reading list for "Christian Meditation and Contemplation" includes works by:

Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits (The inquisition was reestablished to assist his order in destroying Protestant "heretics". Atrocities too terrible to bear the light of day were repeated in its secret dungeons.)

St. Theresa of Alvia, patron saint of Spanish Catholic writers. (she was a nun who received Jesuit conformation that her visions were divine and Catholic tradition says she was able on occasion to levitate)

Uncontrovertibly, this is Roman Catholic Mysticism. Benedictine monk John Main shares this infatuation for mystic meditation that has over taken Dr. Loveless.

In Battle Creek, the SDA ministers did not recognize   Dr. Kellogg's subtle but extremely destructive teaching of mysticism, but Ellen White recognizing its deadly nature and fearlessly warned parents not to send their children there:

Some think it strange that I write, "Do not send your children to Battle Creek." I was instructed in regard to the danger of the worldly influence in Battle Creek. I have written hundreds of pages regarding the danger of having so large a sanitarium, and of calling so many people together in one place. The young people in Battle Creek are in danger. They will come in contact with error. Years ago I did not think that they would meet these errors right in the sanitariums; but when "Living Temple" came out, and some of our ministers told me that there was in it nothing but what I had been teaching all my life, I saw how great the danger was. I saw that blindness had fallen upon some who had long known the truth. I pray that the Lord will open the eyes of these ministers, that they may see the difference between light and darkness, between truth and error.                                    ---Testimonies for the Church Containing Messages of Warning and Instruction to Seventh-day Adventists, page 35

Today Pastors and administrator are saying that they see nothing to be concerned about in Loma Linda, with Dr. William Loveless and his teaching of the most startling form mysticism, but Ellen White in prophetic warning foretold:

Be not deceived; many will depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. We have now before us the alpha of this danger. The omega will be of a most startling nature   ---Testimonies for the Church Containing Letters to Physicians and Ministers Instruction to Seventh-day Adventists, page 16

Mysticism, spiritualism.  What was the the "Alpha" and how can we recognize the "Omega"? Ellen White gave us all the characteristics we would need to recognize this deception, so we would not be left in uncertainty:

We need not the mysticism that is in this book. Those who entertain these sophistries will soon find themselves in a position where the enemy can talk with them, and lead them away from God. It is represented to me that the writer of this book is on a false track. He has lost sight of the distinguishing truths for this time. He knows not whither his steps are tending. The track of truth lies close beside the track of error, and both tracks may seem to be one to minds which are not worked by the Holy Spirit, and which, therefore, are not quick to discern the difference between truth and error. ---Selected Messages Book 1, page 202

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg distilled his heresy of mysticism in a book he titled, THE LIVING TEMPLE.  It was so subtle that most of the leading brethren did not recognize it.

  In essence the central pillar of this false theology was the delusion that God was by nature in man as well as in all God's created works.  This being the case man could commune with God by turning inward.  Man's aspirations were merely workings of the inspiration of the spirit of God; man's imagining were the the thoughts of God.

  Has this spiritualistic mysticism reappeared in today's center for SDA medical training?  Read the words of Loma Linda University Church's senior pastor, William Loveless as he leads a "meditational exercise" ,and with a prayer for spiritual discernment, decide for yourself.

Question: Don't any of the leading brethren in the SDA Church recognize this startling form of mysticism? Are there any Conference officials who are concerned and are taking measures to warn our people?

Answer #1: Yes! (Praise God), YES! Manuel Vasquez, assistant to the president of the NAD has written two fine books on this subject:

THE DANGER WITHIN (1993 Pacific Press Pub. Assoc.) Outlines the features of the exercise of this mysticism/spiritualism chapters 6 & 7. He describes the identical techniques used by Loveless, even directly quoting a number of his phrases and intimates that such is being practiced "in the [SDA] church", but stops short of naming names or places.

THE MAINSTREAMING OF THE NEW AGE (Published more recently by Pacific Press). Brother Vasquez makes a bolder warning, in particular to SDAs, regarding the Mysticism that Dr. Loveless promotes. In a section entitled, "Adventists are not immune", he writes, Adventists are not immune to the influence of this subtle conspiracy. Consider the following examples of how some Adventists have already become entangled in the web of the New Age." Then he obviously refers to the case of Loveless, "

A pastor who believes that Ellen White was a "mystic" leads workers in mystical meditation at a conference meeting and then instructs them in turn to do the same with their members during one of their 11 o'clock services.

A sample chapter can be accessed at the Pacific Press website.

Answer #2: Author, Lewis R. Walton, J.D., LL.M, in OMEGA II, exposes the mysticism of Loveless (though like Vasquez withholding names). In the heading on "mysticism" in the "Omega" chapter he uses verbatim terms and phrases that Loveless employs (e.g., "imaging", "talk" with "Jesus", "equal truth as scripture").  It is again obvious that Walton is familiar with the heresy of Dr. William Loveless.  His book can be found at your ABC or by contacting Walton personally:

Atty. Lewis R. Walton P.O. Box 308              Glennville, CA 93226   Automated Order Line: (805) 872-0156           Voice or Fax Inquiries: (805) 872-3741



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Dr. John H. Kellogg

Loved by E.G. White as a son, but fell into a subtle mysticism she called, "the alpha of deadly heresies" and was reason she eventually had to warn SDA parents, "Do not send your children to Battle Creek"!

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Dr. William Loveless

This, the senior pastor of the Loma Linda University SDA Church, has fallen into a "most startling" form of mysticism.  He teaches SDA church members how to practice classical Roman Catholic mysticism. He shows them how to put themselves into a trance so as to have visions, and communicate with that which they conjured up! Here are a few statements he made during one of his presentations:

"...I believe that your imagination in conjuring up images is dealing with equal truth to scripture."

"We are going to enter into some simple exercises in preparation for meditation..."

"I can almost feel I’m floating."

"People who are not every day mediators shouldn’t even be discussing the doctrine of inspiration because they don’t know anything about it."

"Let your face sag, just let it droop, Concentrate in relaxing which is the paradox of Christian meditation, we concentrate to relax."

"There may be thing you’ve wanted to ask Jesus, or things you’ve been wanting to say to Him all your life, since you were a child. In your own words say them to Him now.... In your imagination visualize the face and form of someone outside your family who has most clearly represented Jesus to you in your life....See if you can picture them clearly now in your mind’s eye. "

"I’ve briefly got you in touch as you need to get your congregations in touch with the physical preparations for meditation. Importance of quietness, importance of breathing, importance of body tone and posture, are all significant, and our people need to know this. They need to why it is significant. Not a lesson in physiology and anatomy, but a simple lesson in what the great mystics through the centuries have learned and told us, and taught us about this."

"What I have done is try to model for you what you can do with your church, and what you should do with your church on a regular basis. If not every Sabbath at least a couple of Sabbaths a month."


Press here for a more complete transcript of this "meditational exercise"

--CAUTION: This is spiritually seductive material. Pray for discernment before and during reading!

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